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Food Update #2

Hello food lovers 🙂 So the last 2 weeks were crazy. Crazy, but awesome. I find myself craving protein. It's strange, but sometimes all I want is an egg or better, my fav snack. A banana sliced length ways in the middle, with a layer of peanut butter. It also serves as a sweet treat... Continue Reading →

Food Update #1

I decided to do a small update on a weekly-ish basis. Just to keep the food ball rolling. I eat everyday after all, I just don't take many pics of the food. So I thought this would be a nice way of still "reviewing" the places I go to. During the week I mostly do... Continue Reading →


Hello World. It's me again. It seems I have fell off the wagon. Nevertheless, I am alive. I think I was going through a weird patch in my life, well, in terms of my career. I was feeling kinda flat, no real energy, enthusiasm, and mostly joy for what I did. But all is well... Continue Reading →

Be fussy

I know a lot of smart people, which is great because they help shape me to be a better me. They say you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely. This is so true. I went through so many stages from childhood to now; wanting to be popular,... Continue Reading →

Going green with 310

I write this still feeling rather full from the thought of my previous night’s meal. And it was worth every bite. Let’s just over look that I stuffed myself. Let’s rather look at a refreshing new restaurant that has opened in Paulshof; 310 Sustainable Eatery (Bar and Lounge). It is a mouthful, so let’s just... Continue Reading →

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