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Food Update #2

Hello food lovers 🙂 So the last 2 weeks were crazy. Crazy, but awesome. I find myself craving protein. It's strange, but sometimes all I want is an egg or better, my fav snack. A banana sliced length ways in the middle, with a layer of peanut butter. It also serves as a sweet treat... Continue Reading →

Food Update #1

I decided to do a small update on a weekly-ish basis. Just to keep the food ball rolling. I eat everyday after all, I just don't take many pics of the food. So I thought this would be a nice way of still "reviewing" the places I go to. During the week I mostly do... Continue Reading →

Going green with 310

I write this still feeling rather full from the thought of my previous night’s meal. And it was worth every bite. Let’s just over look that I stuffed myself. Let’s rather look at a refreshing new restaurant that has opened in Paulshof; 310 Sustainable Eatery (Bar and Lounge). It is a mouthful, so let’s just... Continue Reading →

If not me, then who?

So last year my friends and I were preaching out our resolution of choice - “If not now, then when?”. It was more funny than anything, but we all did pretty well in living it out. Life is difficult. Making decisions are difficult. The thing is, we can. Sometimes we just need to “man up”... Continue Reading →

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